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Jul 9, 2020 at 6:41 PM
May 25, 2012
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Active Member, Male

Working with some other server owners on getting a Rankup PvP server out. I'll give you all more information when we get closer to release! Feb 29, 2016

joshwenke was last seen:
Jul 9, 2020 at 6:41 PM
    1. KidOfCubes
      about 2000 people have got on fourms by now josh!
      1. joshwenke likes this.
    2. KidOfCubes
      plz add tnt comeing out of dispencers josh
      1. KidOfCubes
        i used to make a fire tnt machina in creative
        Sep 1, 2016
    3. Pathally
      hey josh, ryth__reborn had u remove tnt in dispensers but could u plz re-add it i was gonna controlled tnt mine out the lower floors out of my tower so it would only take a couple mins but since u removed it it may take a couple days. so please re-add tnt dispensing using dispensers
      1. Ryth__Reborn likes this.
      2. joshwenke
        Please just place TNT normally to use it in mines. There's no need to dispense it.
        Aug 28, 2016
    4. KidOfCubes
      shouldt there be a trophy for following 100 people?
      1. joshwenke
        Maybe later.
        Aug 12, 2016
    5. KidOfCubes
      is ecperinced member better or experinced member better josh?
      1. joshwenke
        They're both the same
        Jul 29, 2016
    6. SIRTACO12
      Hey Josh! I don't know if you remember me but I am sirtaco11. I'm friends with kiddarkness if you remember him. It's been about 4 years now since I played on this server
      1. joshwenke likes this.
    7. MrCreepCrafter
      Thanks for changing my Email josh!!! it means a lot to me!
    8. HudsonSig
      Hey josh, I was wondering if you could take a look at my post on requests & suggestions
    9. KidOfCubes
      why did you take away liam's rank as a amidn?
      1. joshwenke
        I didn't take it away.
        Jul 12, 2016
      2. KidOfCubes
        Jul 13, 2016
    10. KidOfCubes
      Josh how old are you?
      1. Kimatuy likes this.
      2. joshwenke
        Between 18-99.
        Jul 2, 2016
    11. duckhunter36
      1. joshwenke
        Did you lose an item in your inventory that was yours?
        Jul 1, 2016
      2. duckhunter36
        I don't think so, it was in CR ._.
        Jul 7, 2016
    12. HighTierGamer
      hey josh gl w the server, i may be back for the factions thing but im leaving cobalt, its just too repetative and too toxic of a night time community for me :/ im highly unwanted and its been made clear by many i believe in you and if you ever want to play vain add PlzDrinkBleach, I did quit the competative community tho so ill not be on nearly as much
      1. joshwenke
        I'm sorry to see you leave! Certainly especially on these terms. If you're comfortable, please PM me and let me know any specifics that caused you to feel this way.
        Jun 30, 2016
    13. Ryth__Reborn
      Josh I like what you did in hub but I think there should be more games.. if you added them that would be so cool.
      1. joshwenke
        What do you like about the Hub?
        Jun 28, 2016
      2. Ryth__Reborn
        The parkour is cool I thing the hub need more fun games. I now a good game that you can make I will tell you later!
        Jun 29, 2016
    14. KidOfCubes
      ╔╗──╔╦═══╦╗─╔╗╔═══╦═══╦═══╗╔═══╦═══╦══╦═══╗ ║╚╗╔╝║╔═╗║║─║║║╔═╗║╔═╗║╔══╝║╔══╣╔═╗╠╣╠╣╔═╗║ ╚╗╚╝╔╣║─║║║─║║║║─║║╚═╝║╚══╗║╚══╣╚═╝║║║║║─╚╝ ─╚╗╔╝║║─║║║─║║║╚═╝║╔╗╔╣╔══╝║╔══╣╔══╝║║║║─╔╗ ──║║─║╚═╝║╚═╝║║╔═╗║║║╚╣╚══╗║╚══╣║──╔╣╠╣╚═╝║ ──╚╝─╚═══╩═══╝╚╝─╚╩╝╚═╩═══╝╚═══╩╝──╚══╩═══╝
      1. Kimatuy likes this.
    15. NOXiOUS779
      If i was banned in 2013 if i get banned will i have to buy a unban?
      1. mbcx2
        Probably depending on why you are banned for, time does not matter in appealing for bans as far as I know.
        Jun 16, 2016
    16. NOXiOUS779
      If I've got money from camping, I'll definitely get vip and maybe elite, time will tell ;) Awesome Server
      1. KidOfCubes and joshwenke like this.
      2. joshwenke
        Sounds good! It would help us out a lot as always.
        Jun 10, 2016
      3. NOXiOUS779
        Back from camping, ended up buying elite!
        Jun 12, 2016
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