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1.8 Updates and New Projects

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by joshwenke, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. joshwenke Active Member

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    This entire message is based entirely on speculation and "gossip", if you will. I do not know much about 1.8 or what it will bring on the Mojang/Minecraft side of things, but I can at least let you know what Cobalt is planning.

    1.8, the next Minecraft update, is scheduled for any week now. They're adding bunnies and a bunch of other (unnecessary) stuff. However, it's not the animals and new blocks that concern me... it's the name changes.

    For the entire life of Minecraft itself, people have had their same username and we could hold data stored to usernames. So your list of homes is stored with your name associated with it. Now that you can change your name, the whole system breaks. If you have a home set and change your name, you'll start out with zero homes. That's not the worst of it... if you were to grief and change your name, you could essentially get away with anything and we wouldn't be able to ban you.

    To counter this problem, I decided to rewrite Cobalt. I have literally taken every single plugin and command and redone everything. So I basically spent hundreds of hours writing over a million lines of code for Cobalt. This was so we could store everything under the new UUIDs, which are unique IDs associated with your account, not your username.

    We currently use a plugin called "Essentials" to handle all of the warps and homes and messages and everything, really. Once 1.8 rolls out, we won't be able to store data under player names anymore, as we will have to shift to these IDs instead. That means I can't use Essentials, or any of our other plugins, unless the authors update them right before 1.8.

    However, this will bring a problem to the players. If you own a warp, there's no way to transfer it unless I go through all of our few thousand warps and change them to UUIDs. And that's not everything. All of the rollback data, bans, IP addresses, homes, kits, donor ranks, permissions, staff ranks, chat, nicknames, etc., are stored with player names.


    Unless there's some magical solution that comes up, I believe we may have to reset stuff. A large majority of stuff. Because of this, I highly recommend that you don't start any new projects in Survival simply because there's a good chance we'll have to do some kind of reset in 1.8. I don't know what that is yet, but I'd rather have you not spend hours designing something for it to be changed, rolled-back, or wiped. If we have to do a full map wipe, I will try to have some way to move over buildings that took a long time to build or something.

    Keep in mind that with the Cobalt 1.8 update, I will be adding a ton of stuff. This includes a new redesigned website/wiki/store, complete server syncing (nicknames, balances, ranks, etc), commands, in-game wiki, ban and punishment system, chat design, personal account preferences, friend and blocking system, shop, quest system, skyblock island management (be added to multiple islands finally), and like literally thousands of other features.

    Because I custom-wrote everything, we have the ability to upgrade the server seamlessly in the future and have full control of data. So once this happens, I can promise we won't have to perform any server wipes of any kind in the future because we actually control the data ourselves instead of using external plugins.

    If you have any questions about this, please feel free to send me a private message; I'd love to respond to any questions or concerns.
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  2. zcubed Experienced Member

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    Thank you Josh you work VERY hard on this server just for us to have fun. Also You are Genius Good Job and thank you.:)
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    Thank you Josh you work VERY hard on this server just for us to have fun. Also You are Genius Good Job and thank you.:)
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  3. ConvenientNoodle Experienced Member

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    At some points I've always wanted to just start all over again, thanks for that josh, and glad it won't be done another time. I appreciate your work greatly.

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  4. zcubed Experienced Member

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    I agree zcubed

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