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Advice... [18+ content]

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by rambosnipe, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. rambosnipe Experienced Member

    Staff note: This thread was approved by the Cobalt staff team to help promote how certain actions can change your life. Any inappropriate (there weren't many) words or phrases were removed to meet our community guidelines.

    Let me start this off by introducing myself, my name is Evan. On the server you'll see me around as rambosnipe and I played cobalt frequently back in 2013-2014 and then I slowly stopped(I've been around for a while). Anyways I just want to share some advice and a story with you guys because I don't want anyone to do the same thing I did and I've always enjoyed the server and the people.

    For some background, sophomore year of highschool I started doing drugs and drinking (Weed only). I got into it pretty heavily and starting doing it daily by the time summer came around. I went into junior year telling myself that I would stop because I didn't want to affect my football career. That didn't stop me and I was back to doing it again at least 3-4 times a week. Eventually second semester came around and I was doing it daily, multiple times a day. My mom knew I smoked and drank and told me it wasn't a good idea(She let me do it at my house because it was safer then out in public). I never listened to her because I wasn't stupid about it and I thought I would never get caught... Fast foward to about April and I started dealing weed. Again my mom found out and advised me to stop because of the high chance of being caught and still I didn't listen to her. July 2nd, coming from a friends house I got pulled over because I got profiled (It was 9:40 pm and I drive a mustang). It ended up with me getting arrested.(If you want to know the whole story I will gladly share). Anyways, I am now facing 3 charges and one of them is a felony... Theres a chance I could get everything off my record in a few years but I'm not counting on it. Basically, I used to be where some of you are, just playing minecraft and having fun. But I turned into what I am now, and I'm not proud of it. I'm sharing with you guys because I used to be where some of you are, and It would be just as easy for one of you to do what I did. If you ever think its cool to smoke or drink or do any type of drugs, it's not worth it. I'm about to go into my senior year, and people will respect you a lot more when you don't drink or smoke. I didn't listen to my parents and now I have to deal with everything. I can truly say that the high or "coolness" you get from doing it, it's not worth it. Take it from me, I smoked every day and drank almost every weekend. The road I'm going down now is a long one and theres a small chance I could still do jail please in the future, or if your going down this road now. Don't. It's not worth it.

    If you have any questions comment and I will respond with 100% honesty.
    P.s. I am posting because I am trying to spread awareness and although weed may not seem physically harmful, I was as safe as someone could be and yet I still got busted... it can happen to anyone, so please take the time to take this into consideration.
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  2. TheOriginalish Well-Known Member

    I agree 100%, using a controlled substance of any kind is like handling live explosives. It could very easily ruin your life.
    Don't give into peer pressure, don't to try to escape your problems, and don't be afraid to ask for help. Listen to the people who care about you. Don't ever let yourself become a user or an addict. No mater what you're going through, substance abuse is not a solution, it's just another problem. Being clean will always feel better than being high.

    I'd like to share my story as well. Sorry for the wall of text, but it's mostly for rambo. I been there man.
    I've never been a drinker but i started with pot just like you did; a little at first but it escalated quickly and became a problem. On the 3rd to last day of my freshman year I bought a relatively large amount from a guy. I planned to take it with me on a trip to Orlando, Florida that summer. I didn't get the chance. I bought it on the bus to school and by noon, someone had found out and told a school official that I was holding. Just before lunch, a police officer showed up in my class, along with the principle and took me and the 3 nearby students to the office where they separated and questioned us. They took my book-sack and searched it, effortlessly finding the drugs. I answered more questions and was taken to the cop's office until my parents came to collect me. I was formally expelled the next day.

    I wasted a majority of that year, skipping class to smoke and not doing my homework assignments. Having failed, I had the option to take summer-school or another full year of 9th grade. In order to return to return to public school I had to complete the LAPS program. It was basically watered down boot camp lead by actual drill sergeants and 4 teachers. They were all nice people but we were juvenile criminals and were treated as such. The details aren't really important to the story but, I did the summer-school and accepted that I'd probably be finishing high school there. It was rigorous and a bit scary at first but in the end it was good for me both mentally and physically. Though, mostly physically.

    Along side that I went through legal proceedings. I was offered a pre-trial diversion; a large fine, 9 months of probation, and 30 hours of mandatory community service + drug rehabilitation courses. The probation was supposed to consist of random drug screenings every month but I was only tested once at the very beginning of the probation period. I was clean from the start and gave them no reason to test me so they didn't. I was the only person who ever showed up to the rehab classes so the instructor just marked that I attended and sent me home every time. Community service wasn't horrible but it did mean working most weekends. Basically, I got lucky. I completed LAPS and I was allowed back into public school around mid-way through 10th grade and my probation ended the following summer. When my probation ended my record was expunged.

    By then I had developed a nicotine dependency because I thought smoking and chewing tobacco was's not cool. It causes cancer and makes your mouth and lungs absolutely disgusting. And it is crazy freaking addictive, I mean wildly addictive! Addictive like heroin and cocaine, but it's readily available in stores everywhere. I spend at least $2k a year on tobacco. I've even made myself physically sick by smoking it and still can't seem to convince myself to quit. It really shouldn't be legal and it definitely isn't worth trying. Alcohol can be very addictive as well and can easily lead to bodily harm and death when it's abused.

    I've quit using marijuana quite easily, cold-turkey and without withdrawals or anything like that. Once for my probation, and lasting another 3 months after the probation was over. Then once more when I was trying to find a good job. It's not addictive but it is easy to abuse and can certainly have negative effects on your health. It's medicinal and should be treated like any other prescription medicine.

    I've done well for myself since all that. Maybe I just got lucky but I hope that seeing someone made it through the system gives you a bit of hope, rambo. You can make it too. You have to take control of yourself and make the best of the situation.

    Why did the cop say you were stopped? I've never heard of a cop admitting to profiling someone like that.

    I'm sorry, but that's just not true. You drove around with pot in your car. I understand your point but, come on.
  3. rambosnipe Experienced Member

    And yes driving around with it was stupid, but I kept it in a safe in my trunk. Never smoked in my car.
  4. lucytemple Experienced Member

    Thank you for sharing this with us, it should be a good bit of advice for anyone.

    I myself have never and never will do drugs, but I did drink and smoke (not because I wanted to, but because I thought I would get more popular) a lot e.g. at parties back in my time in secondary school. Of course, they don't arrest you for that, but at the age that you (I guessed from your year group) and I was at, things like alcohol and smoking can really damage you, so it's good to get across to the younger demographic e.g. the ones going into high school, that smoking and drinking is NOT cool, it may make you popular (only for a short time) but it will NOT help your health and your education.
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