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Bottled water is OP

Discussion in 'Help' started by creep4000, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. creep4000 Experienced Member

    I'm hoping someone can explain this to me:

    A glass bottle can be bought via the /buy command for $2.05.

    This bottle can then be filled for free if you have a water source.

    You can then turn around and sell this bottle of water for $3.69, making a profit of $1.64.

    Repeat for about one minute and you have enough to afford a diamond.

    Repeat over a longer period of time and you could get a ludicrous amount of cash and possibly crash the money plugin from integer overflow (although Josh probably would have some sort of safeguard for this).

    As you can see, this seems like a cheat or something,which is why I am bringing it up here.I would like to know if this is legitimate.I just wanted to be sure before I built a giant water bottling plant

    Also how did this price discrepancy happen in the first place? I'd like to think it's a joke about how expensive bottled water is, but that's just a theory.
  2. joshwenke Active Member

    • Forum Admin
    • Server Admin
    • Developer
    The exploit has been fixed. Thank you for pointing this out. Let me know how I can reward you by sending me a PM on the forums.

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