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Discussion in 'Advertisements' started by TheMonotoneScone, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. ConvenientNoodle Experienced Member

    • Elite
    This is the new official Brooksbury thread. This is a continuation of the Newshire project. I have been thinking about jobs and systems and I have come up with a new idea for everything.

    There will be jobs and political ranks. Jobs will have a specialist and then his workers (ex: architect + builders) but can also just be a singular position (ex: farmer). Political ranks will be donors, town executives, etc.

    Architect: In charge of building housing
    Builders: Work for architect
    Trader: Acquirer and seller of many trade-able items
    Baker: Makes bake goods (Bread, cakes, pies, etc.)
    Farmers: Farm anything they can
    Blacksmith: Creates and sells armor and tools
    Miner: Mines stones and ores

    Political Ranks:
    Governor: Leader of town
    Executives: Elected by citizens to make laws (1 or 2)
    Royal: Donors to the town (Get statue made in their honor)
    Deputies: Patrol for law violations

    Welcome The First Citizen!

    Me (TheMonotoneScone): Governor and Architect
    --- Double Post Merged Nov 15, 2015, Original Post Date: Nov 15, 2015 ---
    If you want to have a job simply just tell me what job you want! Then buy a house if you don't already have one (You have to have a house to get a job). I will try to get an up to date list of jobs and political ranks every week.
  2. azwizard8 Experienced Member

    Where is this town?
  3. ConvenientNoodle Experienced Member

    • Elite
    /town Brooksbury
  4. azwizard8 Experienced Member

    can I become a citezin?
  5. ConvenientNoodle Experienced Member

    • Elite
    Sure, just buy a house, I'll probably be on today or tomorrow (sorry this was such a late response)
  6. azwizard8 Experienced Member

    *COUGH* yes it is *COUGH*
  7. ConvenientNoodle Experienced Member

    • Elite
    Yeah, I spent all last weekend playing battlefront
    --- Double Post Merged Jan 23, 2016, Original Post Date: Dec 11, 2015 ---
    Brooksbury Castle Now For Sale
    I got bored and decided to build a castle, it's for sale for $30,000 (If you think that's over priced look at how much orchids cost). If you want to buy the castle hit me up with a conversation. So, come look around, take a look at the castle and other housings, or just visit the Drunken Scone Tavern. /town Brooksbury

    Also, I needs ideas for what to build next, without a project or some personal challenge I have nothing to do on Cobalt. So, any ideas for what Brooksbury needs post in the comments.
  8. azwizard8 Experienced Member

    no thanks, i already have, like, 3 bases
    --- Double Post Merged Feb 3, 2016, Original Post Date: Feb 3, 2016 ---
    but you should build a nether fortress. Tear one down in the nether and use the resources to build another

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