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Official Chicken Racing

Discussion in 'Advertisements' started by EnderPenguin1, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. EnderPenguin1 Experienced Member

    • Elite
    The sport of chicken racing requires three things: a chicken, a saddle, and Elite+. If you do not have any of these things, we provide chicken and saddles. If you do not have Elite+ you may still participate by placing a bid and on the bid you may earn up to 20% of the bet earnings from that days race.

    Chicken racing, you may not have heard about it, you probably haven't! Chicken Racing is a new sport created by myself, where an Elite/Premium gets on a chicken and races to see who wins, the race's winner will receive all of the entry fee's and 50% of the bid money. The winner of the bid money is decided through a drawing.

    Any chicken racer who goes over a fence at any point in the race is disqualified.
    You must start at the same time, going early will get you disqualified.
    If you start late that's your fault, if you get turned around it's your fault, we aren't restarting because you started late or went the wrong way.
    I myself may not bid on or participate in the race.

    Guidelines, I guess?
    There are some guidelines that I should talk about, there's a maximum of 6 racers per race.
    The race starts on every Monday 8:00 PM Eastern Time Zone starting on April 16th

    The entry fee to watch is 50$
    The fee to bid is 100$ per bid.
    The fee to race is 150$
    You may only bid if you have paid entry fee.
    Racing does not require an entry fee.

    Guest: 1 bid tickets
    Member: 2 bid tickets
    Supporter: 3 bid tickets
    VIP: 4 bid tickets
    Elite: 5 bid tickets
    Premium: 6 bid tickets

    That's about it, if you have any questions please let me know!
  2. liamlfc123 Experienced Member

    • Forum Admin
    • Server Admin
    • Premium
    I am looking forward to this, but it is at 1am :(
  3. EnderPenguin1 Experienced Member

    • Elite
    I can change it to 2 PM Eastern Time Zone on Saturdays if you would like.
  4. liamlfc123 Experienced Member

    • Forum Admin
    • Server Admin
    • Premium
    Don't change it just for me, I just might not be able to make it every time.
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