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Cobalt Repairs

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by joshwenke, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. joshwenke Active Member

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    Unfortunately, we had a pretty bad hard drive failure with our servers, Survival and Creative crashed in order to try to save any files they could, and Minigames and Skyblock continued to run until they eventually crashed as well. Our hard drive basically lost half of the data on the server (which explains why some of you lost your stuff and /homes and such).

    I'm restoring all of the files, but due to how our backup system works they might be from 5 days ago, which means that anything you built on January 16 to today may not show up on the server. I will compensate for all your losses and lost time, don't worry. For now, chill out on the forums. I have to drive over to our data center and buy a new hard drive since this one just gave out. My sincerest apologizes, I'll have it back up in no time.
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    Update 1: Going to find a replacement hard drive for the time being, hoping not to have to buy one if possible. Drive shouldn't be too long, I'll be back soon.
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    Update 2: See the notice at the top of all our forum pages for a link to the form you can fill out to get some stuff back. Please do that if you lost things during the reset.

    Keep in mind that staff (probably just myself) can bring back stuff you built in the last 5 days. Just let me know where it was and I can fix it for you.

    I know that this a time of chaos, I'm sorry for that. But up to this point I feel that we've done a good job restoring buildings and money. Keep filling out those forms and I'll do my best to bring everything back to how it was 5 days ago.
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