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Cobalt's update! [Long post]

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by liamlfc123, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. liamlfc123 Experienced Member

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    Hello everyone!

    This is (nearly) the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Cobalt is so close to updating, we thought we’d give you all a little message to let you know how, when, and what is going to happen. So let’s get stuck in!

    Starting off with the Skyblock realm. We have redesigned our Skyblock plugin from the ground up to allow for easier island visits between friends, owning multiple islands (including nether, end, and a secret type), island levels, island expansions, and more. We've got a new spawn built by Ruslana with a revised shopping system to make Skyblock a bit more interesting.

    Creative, as well as having all those cool new 1.9-1.12 blocks to play with, will come out with a brand new spawn too! Built by Buffalimp, with help from a few others. Creative's game mode will remain the same everyone knows and loves, and with more block resources at our disposal, we’ll be having more frequent building contests now we’ve got all that shiny glazed terracotta and more! The contest system has been reworked and now allows for multiple contests to run on each server.

    Survival will be completely different when we release. You might’ve heard the rumors. A new map? Balances reset? Inventories wiped? That dirt house I built gone? It’s all true. It is quite a big change, but once you begin to play hopefully it will become clear why this change was needed. The current map we’re all playing on was released in July 2015. Over 3 years for a map as small as ours is really old! This means the file size on our hard drive is huge, we’re missing out on all the new naturally generated blocks, and all of the /build locations are occupied

    We’ll also be resetting balances. This is a harder one to explain without you guys seeing it, but I will try. The economy after release will be completely different. If you’re short a few oak planks building your house, you won’t be able to just /buy 3 oak planks anymore. Cobalt won’t sell you anything at all. And you won’t be able to sell us much either! To try and encourage player to player trading more, Cobalt will only buy a few select items. These may change at certain times of the year, but if you want something you either have to go and find it the old fashioned way, or you need to visit a players shop and give them your money! This means that items won’t be worth the same amounts they used to be, so having a million dollars currently might be like having 20 million after release. And that won’t be fair on new players. This is also the reason we won’t be able to transfer any builds over to the new map. How would we even begin to create a fair system for that? Do we do it depending on your rank? We have a lot of non-donors with great builds they’ve put a lot of time into. Do we do it on building size? Then people would fill their area with expensive blocks. Do we do it based on a community vote? What if the someone won by 1 vote, it would cause arguments. The most fair way forward here is for everyone to start from scratch.

    Inventories will also be wiped. This is because of the same reason as the balances. Items will be harder to obtain, and so to have a player upon release have a full stock of diamond armor and tools, a few stacks of diamond blocks etc, they will have an unfair advantage on new players. For everyone to enjoy the new Cobalt to the max, we want everyone to start on as close as a level playing field as possible.

    Survival will also have a new spawn built by myself, with a working casino, a brand new drop party arena, a market area for you to sell your stuff to Cobalt, and stalls for you to rent out where you can set up chest shops!
    Survival will also have a few more new features for you to hunt out, and a few more on the way after some thorough testing, but for now there should be plenty to get stuck into.

    As far as things changing goes, those are the big things to look out for! Things that will be staying the same pretty much stops at your donor ranks and gem balances. Your Creative plots will not be lost, but there may be a time where there are 2 different creative worlds, until we can figure out swapping them all over onto the new system. We will keep you updated with all of the details when necessary.

    So that’s a lot of changes! But when’s it all going down? Well, really soon. This is a notice to let you know that staff have been testing out the new features and gameplay for a few weeks now, but we need a little bit more help to iron out all of the wrinkles in the update. We’ll be opening up a beta testing process on Cobalt v2.0 in the next few days to everyone with a donor rank. (Want to help test? Send a direct message to joshwenke if your'e a donor.) That way when we open it up to everyone fully, Cobalt should be up and running smoothly! How long that testing process will take I can’t say, but it will begin soon enough!

    Lastly Josh and I would like to say a huge thank you. First of all to everyone who has ever logged into Cobalt, and had a good time on our server. You guys are what makes Cobalt fun for all of us, and without you, it’d just be Josh and I building dirt huts over and over. Thank you in particular to our donors. Your donations are so greatly appreciated. You guys pay for Cobalt to stay open, and for you we try our best to make the playing experience as fun as possible. Next we’d like to thank the current staff team. The people who help the players enjoy their time on Cobalt, they answer your questions, help you out when you’re in trouble, and keep the place safe. And last of all but certainly not least, we’d like to thank everyone who had a hand in getting this update out to you. From the current staff team testing stuff out and helping build new spawns, to current and past players who have given us ideas, and tested out stuff in secret, to the former staff members who have helped build, code, and manage any part of this update. I’m not going to name everyone because I would surely forget someone and feel terrible, but special mention goes to former Admin and Developer itismejoey. Joey joined the admin team back in July 2015 and up until, and even for a while after, his departure was integral to the update. Other notable mentions go to JellyMoose and leetfordays who did a lot of work without even being asked, purely because they wanted to improve the server. As a server owner, that’s one of the best things to see from staff or players.

    Before we get too soppy I’m gonna wrap this up, but there is one last thing to let you guys know about. If you’re on our Discord server, you may have seen the new chat channel open up called #update-questions. This is your chance to ask the Admins whatever you like about the update. We understand there will be things we won’t have touched upon here, deliberately or accidentally, there may be things we haven’t quite explained fully enough, there may be something completely different you’d like to ask us about! This is your chance to do so. We’re going to be compiling all the questions, and putting together a little Q&A Interview video for you guys, where we’ll be talking about the new Cobalt, showing off some cool stuff while the server is private, and answering your questions! Reminder the last time Josh and I did one of these interviews, I was asked what my favorite cheese is, so nothing is off-topic!

    That’ll do from me, if you made it this far thank you very much, and we look forward to playing with you guys on 1.12+ soon!
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  2. oXWinterWolfXo Well-Known Member

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    Just see it as a new start! You may not enjoy rebuilding your town ect, but once you start, you will enjoy it! You can use the new blocks and build your town even better! I don't play anymore... But I feel like this is what the server needed. GG on all the staff teams hard work!
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  3. Sir Epic Well-Known Member

    • Elite
    Well at least I won't be stuck with my towns, and people might actually buy houses (If I can make a new town) and stores from one. The idea of a more player based economy is new but I welcome it.
    --- Double Post Merged Sep 14, 2018, Original Post Date: Sep 12, 2018 ---
    Also will the advertisements for the server return, if they were ever gone?
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  4. ButterBeeFedora Well-Known Member

    Will this include stability for 1.13 launchers?
  5. Sir Epic Well-Known Member

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    I would assume so, after all they got it in 1.8, but 1.12 might be a little harder. If not you could just change the updates in the launcher.
  6. DJ_BlueXD Well-Known Member

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    can't wait to try it out!! thank you for all the hard work cuties <3

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