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Creative Plot Rollback Request

Discussion in 'Help' started by creep4000, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. creep4000 Experienced Member

    Due to my actions i accidentally crashed the creative realm and my plot got wiped out in the cleanup process.

    All i am asking is that my plot (plot number 4:6) be rolled back to an earlier date, any time on October 26th (yesterday) or before the crash on October 27th (today) would be optimal.

    I have put weeks, possibly even months worth of work into the factory project on my plot, so understandably i would be frustrated if you couldn't restore it somehow. I would however understand if there is nothing you can do, but i'm going to cling onto the hope that there is something you can do.

    Please help.
  2. joshwenke Active Member

    • Forum Admin
    • Server Admin
    • Developer
    You're going to need to explain why and how you crashed Creative, and also understand that rolling back plots is a very involved process.
  3. creep4000 Experienced Member

    To answer the Why, I never intended to crash the realm, it was an accident which occurred while i was trying to find bugs to report.

    To answer the How, having close to 500000 instances of block 119 (end portal block) in the same place, but I think that any resource intensive block (i.e. block 90 (nether portal block) ) would have a similar effect

    I am extremely sorry about all of this josh, I love this server and never would want to harm it.

    If rolling it back would be too much I understand, I would not like it but I would understand.

    If there is anything i can do just let me know.
    --- Double Post Merged Oct 29, 2016, Original Post Date: Oct 28, 2016 ---
    So is it getting rolled back or not? If it isn't i would like to know ASAP so i can start my new project.
  4. itismejoey Experienced Member

    • Forum Admin
    • Server Admin
    • Premium
    • Developer
    I'm sorry, but looking for bugs isn't your job and it's not something we expect our players to do. Bugs are something that just happen to come up when you do something. So, as you can imagine, placing 500,000+ portal blocks is obviously going to cause an issue on any server our size.

    It took me and another staff member about 90 minutes of worldediting, including multiple timed out clients and server crashes, out the portals from your plot before we could even perform the /p clear command without crashing the server again. Because of your actions I am going to deny your request to return your plot it's previous state.
  5. creep4000 Experienced Member


    I am extremely sorry for all of this, i never intended to crash the realm or to put any of you guys through this, all i thought it would do was cause localized lag like my redstone contraptions tend to. I understand that it was irresponsible and solely my fault for all this. If there is any way I can atone for this then i would be all for it. I will make this extremely clear, the bug testing program ENDS HERE and nothing else of this nature will happen again. I also am completely understanding of your decision, I seriously thought this would end much worse than this, at this point i'm just happy that I didn't get banned!

    For the record I am a bit miffed that I will not be able to show what I had built to Josh (or anyone else for that matter) in its completed form, and about losing so much of my work, but I won't complain. I mean what can you do huh? Life happens. Besides unless josh does something unreasonable, I know i'm not getting it back, not without time travel at least.

    To end this on a positive note: I have been wanting to branch out and do something different for awhile, so the bright side of all of this is that I get a blank canvas for my next project! And honestly I never would have had the guts to clear the old plot myself, so really you did a great thing for me Joey,thanks!

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