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Official Drop Parties!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by liamlfc123, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. liamlfc123 Experienced Member

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    DROP PARTIES HAVE CHANGED! So here's some information about it :)

    First of all, drop parties are now in the survival spawn. You still use /dp to get to the location, but if you want a walk through the spawn area, look for it in the corner between the casino and portal areas.

    There is also a new feature. We have set up some hoppers at the bottom of the waterfall to collect all of the items you guys didn't manage to catch during the party, and at the end of the party, the person who used their gems for the party will have a choice to make.

    Option 1 - Choose a number between 1-100, if it comes within 10 of the staffs random number generator, they will win a high value item of their choosing (Dragon egg, player head etc)
    Option 2 - They can take a gamble on taking all of the dropped loot for themselves!

    If they do not choose Option 2, then whatever made it into the loot chests, will rollover onto the next drop party, to make an even bigger prize! The contents of the chests will not be revealed before the choice is made however. So is it worth the risk!?

    And now some boring rules.
    No: Armour, Skills, Potions, Disguises, Flying, Teleports, /Homes, /Warps, Particle capes, Glitching blocks to climb walls, Spawning mobs, /Rocket.

    This list may be updated, and anyone caught breaking one of these rules during the drop party will be banned from the server until it is over. After the drop party has finished your infraction will be removed from your record.

    Have fun guys!
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  2. JellyMoose Well-Known Member

    • Elite
    Nice update, I like the fact that the loot rolls over each time!
  3. leetfordays Experienced Member

    • Premium

    Option 2 - Taking all the dropped loot that no one managed to collect before being washed away.

  4. HelloImJake Well-Known Member

    • Elite
    I like the new system, but you forgot the no fun rule :)

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