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Gems problem

Discussion in 'Help' started by Shashwata, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Shashwata New Member

    HI in griefmas i used all my 424 gems and got 700k in total.but after griefmas i had 100k and all my gems are gone even the money. plz i need help gettin my money or gems i hv a lot to build even a gust hotel. plz fr the sake of da server plz help me!:(
    --- Double Post Merged Jan 8, 2017, Original Post Date: Jan 8, 2017 ---
    Josh or Tony please help!
    --- Double Post Merged Jan 8, 2017 ---
    *CRIES* My gems! *CRIES*
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  2. Brad_the_Rad Experienced Member

    • Forum Moderator
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    You gave it 3 minutes between each reply, relax a little bit. I'm sure when of the admins can probably look into it if you aren't so impatient.
  3. itismejoey Experienced Member

    • Forum Admin
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    • Developer
    I like how you didn't include my name in that help reply, because I already gave you an answer to this.

    Also, when you are begging for help, you should use proper spelling and grammar, if you want to be taken seriously.
  4. Shashwata New Member

    ok thanks for informing.
    --- Double Post Merged Jan 10, 2017, Original Post Date: Jan 9, 2017 ---
    Josh found a way to bring it back?
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