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Contest Ended Halloween skin contest

Discussion in 'Contests' started by liamlfc123, Oct 17, 2017.

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  1. liamlfc123 Experienced Member

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    So building contests are cool right, but not everyone feels like they can join in. So let's do something else too! How about a spooky halloween skin contest??

    For this contest, you need to show us your best halloween skin! Make sure you take a screenshot in a spooky setting, and we'll see who has the best skin!

    How to enter:
    Take a screenshot of yourself on Cobalt, and post it on our discord server in the Halloween skin contest channel! Please add a caption to your post stating your minecraft username if it isn't obvious (which it should be) from your discord username.


    Our handy bot "Halloween Helper" will add a thumbs up reaction (pictured above). To vote for a skin you like, just click the reaction and your vote will be tallied.

    1st place - $25,000 on skyblock or survival + 300 gems
    2nd place - $15,000 on skyblock or survival + 200 gems
    3rd place - $10,000 on skyblock or survival + 100 gems

    - Any posts made in the channel that are not entries to the contest will be removed. Please keep discussion about the contest in the #general text channel.
    - To get a better selfie of your skin stood up, get a friend to take the screenshot!
    - One entry per person. Multiple posts from the same person will be removed.
    - Closing date is October 30th. Anything posted after this date will not count.
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