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Looking for Wiki Team Members

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by joshwenke, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. joshwenke Active Member

    • Forum Admin
    • Server Admin
    • Developer
    Edit: We have found several people who have been notified of their position! If you're still interested in applying, feel free to do so below.

    Cobalt is looking for 5-10 people to help manage the Wiki. Your job would be making sure the content is up-to-date, accurate, and creative. We are going to open up the floor to applications – so if you think you'd be a good candidate, feel free to apply below!

    There are two "types" of positions, Editors and Managers. Editors are responsible for individual pages and making sure they're upated, while Managers can add new pages, edit the Wiki homepage, and edit staff lists. I'll assign those later.

    • Must have decent knowledge of HTML and be able to write clean code
    • Must have an FTP client (CyberDuck, Filezilla, etc.) to upload and edit the wiki files
    • Must know proper grammar and not make stupid grammar mistakes
    • Must be able to communicate and write documentation effectively
    • Must love Cobalt!
    Don't apply if you don't meet the requirements. Here's the information I need to know if you do want to apply in the post comments below.
    Tagging the people that replied to the Anyone know HTML? post: xXjake11jXx GrassyMoss boesball falconer1212 MathWhizofMC jhaynie123 Jonathin456
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  2. lucytemple Experienced Member

    Hi Josh, you have known I've wanted to do this for a long time ;)

    HTML Knowledge: Not really, I could create content though.
    Grammar abilities: VERY high as you may know.
    FTP client you use: Filezilla, use this an awful lot to do with the website the school I work at uses (
    Previous websites: Not really, but I am involved in the school website sort of.


    As you saw in my PM I would like to be a Manager instead :)
  3. EnderPearlGaming Well-Known Member

    • Premium
    If no one else goes except lucy ill help ;3
  4. zcubed Experienced Member

    • Elite
    I only qualify for proper grammar and love Cobalt :D
  5. jhaynie123 Experienced Member

    HTML Knowledge: I have been using HTML for years and definitely meet the requirements.
    Grammar abilities: Pretty good.
    FTP client you use: I use FileZilla
    Previous websites: Not really anything that I am able to show.

    Oh, and I must not forget that I love Cobalt!
  6. joshwenke Active Member

    • Forum Admin
    • Server Admin
    • Developer
    Looking for more people! Anyone else up for the job?
  7. boesball Experienced Member

    I can help if you need me
  8. GrassyMoss Experienced Member

    HTML Knowledge: Good, I also know CSS and a little bit of PHP and JavaScript. I usually like to keep my code neat, organized, and with comments to explain most things.
    Grammar abilities: Excellent in English, Moderate in Spanish, Basic in French
    FTP Client: FileZilla for a couple years now
    Previous websites: is the only one that is still up today. That website doesn't have too much on it, but I coded it all from scratch and there are several hidden pages that any applications I make can pull data from if needed.
    --- Double Post Merged Aug 19, 2014, Original Post Date: Aug 19, 2014 ---
    I have the skills, but I'm not sure if I have enough time on weekdays to fully commit.
    --- Double Post Merged Aug 19, 2014 ---
    I could put in a few hours per week at most.
  9. GirlOnFire365 Experienced Member

    • Retired Staff
    HTML Knowledge: So far, I've learned the basics of it, but I'm still in the learning process.
    Grammar abilities: I'm extremely cautious when it comes to using proper grammar.
    FTP Client: I have Filezilla and TeamViewer, if that counts.
    Previous Websites: I haven't ever made a website before. I just started studying HTML this summer after this was posted:
  10. NeoHoltsky Experienced Member

    • VIP
    HTML: Good, I've been interested in and learning web development since I was a 'lil Neo.
    Grammar: Three summer writing courses would hopefully give me a good grasp on grammar. And I do love writing!
    FTP Client: FileZilla, love open-source.
    Previous websites: Me and a friend co-designed a website for my school's robotics team. I realize webs isn't exactly the most advanced way to build a site, but I am learning the Ruby on Rails framework in preparation for a new, snazzier website for my school.
  11. MathWhizofMC Experienced Member

    • VIP
    HTML: Basic knowledge, I may need reference sometimes.
    Grammar: My grammar skills are pretty good.
    FTP Client: I have Notepad++ and the NppFTP plugin, if that qualifies
    Previous websites: I have not made a permanent website before, (except my Weebly one, which wouldn't really count in these circumstances) but I have learned how to in school this previous year.

    I may have trouble committing to this during the weekdays though.
  12. slime101agree Well-Known Member

    I can help as Manager I know grammar and... yeah so I'm free.
  13. TheMesa Experienced Member

    • VIP
    HTML: Basic knowledge of HTML, some JavaScript.
    Grammar: I'd like to think I have fairly decent grammar.
    FTP Client: Filezilla, and Notepad++
    Previous Websites: No previous websites, except for the unpublished mini-projects I used to test my HTML skills.
  14. boesball Experienced Member

    I'm taking an HTML class at school.
  15. Shinyuw777 Well-Known Member

    my dad is a computer electrical and software engineer and I program robots for the schools robotics club I am think I can handle some html

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