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Make Skyblock great again

Discussion in 'Requests & Suggestions' started by Brad_the_Rad, May 14, 2016.


How much time do you play on skyblock?

None 8 vote(s) 53.3%
Couple hours 4 vote(s) 26.7%
Once a day 3 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Brad_the_Rad Experienced Member

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    I'm been thinking over the past couple of days and I've seen that skyblock is not a realm that a lot of people play on so I have some suggestions...

    Island Improvement:
    -Bigger default islands
    -Start with one animal
    -Tree already grown (big oak)
    -Miniature "cave"
    -Dispersed ores in islands

    Game play Improvement:
    -Cobblestone generator spawns ores sometimes
    -Buy spawners from shop
    -Tiny nether island with nether spawners
    -Each person gets a nether island

    Spawner prices:
    -Chicken: $2,500
    -Sheep: $3,000
    -Pig: $3,000
    -Cow: $5,000
    Zombie: $10,000
    Spider: $10,000
    Skeleton: $12,500
    Creeper: $15,000
    Blaze: $20,000
    Iron Golem: $100,000
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  2. TheOriginalish Well-Known Member

    I like your ideas, Brad. Especially about the nether. Though, the only mob spawners that would be necessary are the iron golem and the blaze. The other hostile mobs can be easily farmed in the over-world with a dark room (I use a simple canal-style farm design) and just adding spawn eggs to the store would save a lot of time and effort with the passive mobs. The prices you recommended would be good for the spawn eggs.

    Thanks for starting this thread, by the way. I'm a big fan of skyblock and it definitely could use some improvements.
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  3. Brad_the_Rad Experienced Member

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    I know that, but with the spawners that you can gain it'd be easier to farm the mobs. Also, the prices I came up with on the ball. They can have as much adjusting as they need, just put what I think.

    Maybe even spawners could come in the donator kits to encourage more people to donate.
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  4. TheOriginalish Well-Known Member

    I think
    I can certainly get behind that! Still though, I'd love to see spawn eggs in the store.
    --- Double Post Merged May 30, 2016, Original Post Date: May 15, 2016 ---
    I see why you wanted mob spawner blocks and I'm totally in favor of hostile mob spawners being for sale on skyblock now.

    Also, adding melons, iron and gold ingots to the store would be great.
    --- Double Post Merged Jun 12, 2016 ---
    Sorry if this would be considered a necrobump but, I'd like to encourage more people to vote in this poll if you haven't already.

    I really want to bring attention to an issue I'm having, though. Skyblock is my favorite mode to play in Minecraft but, I rely on having iron incorporated into my redstone for AFK farming of cobblestone, fish, hostile mobs, etc. Within my first few days on Cobalt I crafted a piston for my cobblestone generator so I know iron ingots were in the store previously but they seem to be missing now. I've accumulated a good bit of money and want to expand on my farms with hoppers, droppers, pistons and such. I know everyone is pretty busy improving other areas of Cobalt but I assume -- and maybe I'm wrong -- that adding some items into the store wouldn't be a huge task. If someone could find the time to work on this I've provided a list of items below with my ideas for the baseline price.

    Iron Ingot - $10
    Gold Ingot - $15
    Mellon (block) - $2
    Zombie Spawner Block - $8,000
    Spider Spawner Block - $10,000
    Skeleton Spawner Block - $12,000
    Creeper Spawner Block - $15,000
    Witch Spawner Block - $18,000
    Cow Spawn Egg - $5,000
    Pig Spawn Egg - $5,000
    Sheep Spawn Egg - $5,000
    Chicken Spawn Egg - $5,000

    I've recommended the mob prices this way because the value of their drops follow a similar upwards trend.
    Rotten Flesh < String < Arrows / Bones < Gunpowder < Spider Eyes / Redstone / Glowstone
    While all the drops from the neutral mobs are roughly the same value.

    I would love to see some input from my fellow Skyblockiens!
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  5. joshwenke Active Member

    • Forum Admin
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    • Developer
    They are already in the shop, mate.

    Think of this. You're trying to sell melons. WHICH melons? The melon BLOCK? Or the melon SLICE? The server doesn't know. We don't sell "melons" but we do sell "melon blocks" and "melon slices". Same for iron ingots. Are you talking about iron blocks? Ingots? Bars? Helmet? What kind of iron?

    Use /holding while holding an item to see what the server calls it, and then use that item name to buy or sell. If all else fails, go to the physical /shop and most of the items are there, named accordingly, anyway.
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  6. Rarebeary Well-Known Member

    So is Brad's idea of what Skyblock should be going to be added?
  7. joshwenke Active Member

    • Forum Admin
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    • Developer
    We are going to re-release Skyblock in the late future and re-name it "Skycube". This stuff is still in brainstorming process in my own mind, and we have Clash and a new server to get out before that, but you will definitely be seeing a great new Skyblock experience coming down the road.
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