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Massive Cobalt Updates (4.0)

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by joshwenke, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. joshwenke Active Member

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    Many of you have realized that Cobalt has a few new updates! I basically took a list of all the bugs and spent half the day fixing them all. Some notable features:
    • Donor and staff ranks were completely redone. See this post for information on that. See here for your new features. And see here for the new rank you were placed in. Associate the amount you paid for your rank to this page.
    • Anvils were fixed :D
    • LWC was fixed :D
    • Nether and end portals in normal build worlds now redirect to our Nether and End worlds
    • Villagers were fixed
    • We're now allowing silk touch and mob farms. Just trying it out.
    • Nether and End were fixed and wiped.
    • Creative has a lock for a few days until our creative server comes out (that's next up on the list).
    • New Spark Animations for higher-level donors. See our wiki for information on that.
    • Removed Build3, Build4, Build5, Skyblock, and Skylands because nobody likes them. And because we're getting new servers.
    • We're trying to go a little less harsh on the banning
    • New MOTD, /who, /list, /donators, and other small commands
    • New nickname guidelines at the wiki
    And that, folks, are just a few of the features to come! Stay tuned :)
    And remember to check out our PvP server by typing /pvp in any Cobalt server!
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