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Resolved Mod help

Discussion in 'Help' started by breadfish1234, Jul 9, 2013.

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  1. breadfish1234 Experienced Member

    Alright, so I'm trying to get optifine because my FPS isnt that great, and it has some cool extra features I'd like to have. But, even though I'm a somewhat good tech, I DO NOT GET THIS MOD THING >.> I've watched a video of how to do it for 1.6.1 and this is what I've done so far:
    -Download the mod
    -gone into my .minecraft folder, opend versions, and made a copy of everything that was in the 1.6.1 folder into the other folder (called optifine)
    -In the JSOD (I think thats what it is, its just the file with the wierd file) I opend it with pad and changed the "1.6.1" part to "Optifine"
    -Deleted the META-INF file
    -copied over the files
    -Changed the profile stuff
    Thing is, with that on, it DOESNT DO ANYTHING. Its like vanilla minecraft, as if the 40+ minutes of doing the above did nothing :/ I tried doing it with a video (otherwise I wouldn't've got that far :p) but it didn't really explain the part I'm stuck on. I need help from u guys :p
  2. ArmedChimpanze Experienced Member

    Isn't it just the same as installing a mod for 1.5.2?
  3. breadfish1234 Experienced Member

    Not sure, haven't installed a mod for 1.5.2 xD
  4. ArmedChimpanze Experienced Member

    Ok, I think its the same for 1.6.2 as it was for 1.5.2, so here goes:

    Download mod
    Open minecraft.jar, go to versions
    Open version that you wish to install the mod on.
    Drag & Drop all of the .class files from the optifine folder into the version folder that you opened.
    Oh yeah, Make sure to delete the meta-inf folder in the appropriate version before Dragging & Dropping the files.

    So uh... Hope it helped... If theres any problems just post them :p
  5. breadfish1234 Experienced Member

    Thanks, I accidentally did 2 things wrong
    1) Apparently, forgot to delete META INF even tho I thought I did :p
    2)Forgot to set it to "release 1.6.2" on the launcher.
    Thanks! :p
  6. ArmedChimpanze Experienced Member

    So... It worked? xD
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  7. breadfish1234 Experienced Member

  8. xXjake11jXx Experienced Member

    • Retired Staff
    The way I do it is. I download Magic Launcher then all you have to do is add the mod you downloaded.
  9. joshwenke Active Member

    • Forum Admin
    • Server Admin
    • Developer
    Mac mod installation is easy! :D Just a few things to write in the terminal
  10. breadfish1234 Experienced Member

    I gotta try that :p
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