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Prom is coming to Cobalt! Again...

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Emb0505, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Emb0505 Experienced Member

    • VIP
    Well. The prom was a bust, and for as much work that was put into it, I myself was bummed. So, I thought I'd surprise everyone with a new prom! The venue has been made and will include the following: bars, dance floor, lounges, eating areas, pool, playground for the little ones, photo area, and all the fun of any other venue I've made. I'd like to tell you all what it is, but I can't spoil the secret. The theme is 'Under the Stars' (which has been over done 1000 times and is so unoriginal it's humorous). Here's what I'm thinking for the date... Around Saturday, the 27th. I've calculated the time, and found the most ideal time for everyone.

    7:30pm Eastern Standard Time
    4:30pm Pacific Time
    9:30am Eastern Standard Australian Time Thing (Don't know what it's called) :p
    12:30am Brittish Summer Time
    And If your timezone isn't here, just look here Change the top one to Detroit Michigan.

    Those times aren't in stone, so expect changes. Please tell me if the times don't work for you.

    We will be doing prom king and queen. Haven't figured out the voting yet, but I will. Please MESSAGE me if you'd like to run, and I'll get a list going. BOYS WILL BE KINGS AND GIRLS WILL BE QUEENS. (Sorry Josh)

    I will take pictures for free with your date or alone, we have a place set up. I suggest wearing a tux/dress skin.

    You do not HAVE to bring a date, they are optional.

    Lets have a fun and successful prom everyone! Please message me with any questions.
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  2. Fickey Experienced Member

    • Retired Staff
    Date and times have been updated!

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