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Region transfer

Discussion in 'Help' started by iSpeck, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. iSpeck Well-Known Member


    I recently purchased an unfurnished house from woltran for $15,000 that I intended to use for storage. Since then, a large town has been constructed around the building and I found I never really did use it so I was kind of hoping to avail of the opportunity to allow it to become part of the said town.
    I spoke to Brad_The_Rad about how woltran never gave me ownership of the region that the build is in, he just added me as a member out of convenience and to avoid having me pay for a new region I guess. Since then woltran has publicly announced that he wasn't going to be playing the server again, and waiting 60 days for the region to be deleted would be a bit of a hindrance.
    The building isn't that extravagant and as you will see wouldn't cost much to recreate. I obviously didn't screenshot the chat for proof of sale because of this, I didn't expect to want to part with it to be honest. All furnishings were added by me and were never disputed by woltran.

    Due to having my request blankly denied by server moderator Brad_The_Rad, and due to no other more senior staff being present, is there any way somebody could travel to warp speck (coords X:-2047 Z:4250) and reevaluate the situation?

  2. Brad_the_Rad Experienced Member

    • Forum Moderator
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    You really brought this to the forums? You're going to get the same answer here.

    As I said in-game if he owns the region, he owns it. There's nothing we can do about it without proof that you bought the region and that he actually is quitting Cobalt. The fact that you asked me about it and I gave you this exact answer and then thought to disrespect me by saying, "I'll find someone with more flare for their job, thanks!"

    Someone could say 'this person decided to quit and I bought the region from them! I want the region to become mine!' We don't know if any of that is true. You can wait the 60 days like everyone else has to. You have permission to use everything in the claim, so really even if you do wait out the 60 days and the region gets removed it won't chagne anything except you being owner.
  3. iSpeck Well-Known Member

    Hi Brad_The_Rad,

    Yes, I did bring this to the forums as there were no more senior staff members online at the time of my request and I feel as if my request is sincere and worthy of an exception from the rule. My decision to bring this to the forums shouldn't be laughed upon by your sarcastic entry to my thread which, as a player makes me feel undervalued.

    What I find flaws your reply is your comment that seems to suggest me not having ownership of the region for 60 days is no big deal. Because the only thing I want for the region is to move it on to somebody new, it kind of is.

    I do not have proof of woltran announcing his departure from the server, however server administrator joshwenke was present during this time and communicated with him, too. I might also add that joshwenke also observed woltran publicly offering me ownership of his regions, something I now regret declining.

    Your representation of our in-game chat is a misquote, and due to this, I reject your point. It is my opinion that I challenged you, not disrespected you.

    I would appreciate greater input from an administrator, and thank you for your prompt reply.
  4. Brad_the_Rad Experienced Member

    • Forum Moderator
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    • Premium
    Laughed upon? I'm not laughing or being sarcastic about you bringing it here. I was saying that you already talked with me in-game and I told you. I'm simply saying it seems weird that you bring it here and to tell me that I don't have a 'flare to do my job' is exactly why you were warned for disrespect.

    We will let an admin look further into this, as you never stated that josh was on and maybe has some proof of what happened. I'm not trying to be rude to you or anything, it's just next time I'd appreciate if you told me the whole story about what's going on (as you did in the post above) instead of disrespecting me in game and bringing it here. I could've helped much better and told you that someone could look into it in-game, but instead you brought it here.
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  5. iSpeck Well-Known Member

    The reason I never mentioned josh's presence is because you point blank shut me down as soon as I messaged you about the issue when I presented it the first time and shut me down again when I elaborated slightly soon after. I realised I was getting nowhere so sought extra help. The fact that you are even suggesting that you made it seem as if you would welcome extra information makes my blood boil and the fact that the only time you visited the building was after liamlfc123 removed the region shows your lack of time for me.

    If you indeed said you could look into it more, I didn't see it and don't miss much. This must have been after I announced that I was going to be on the forums and had registered myself AFK. No offence, but too little too late. Invalid point.

    I'm not even going to dispute the warning because from both of my interactions with you since I joined this server, you have failed to show any willingness to discuss issues with me. At least there's consistency. I am extremely unhappy about the warning, because if my tone warranted a warning, yours was most certainly not something to be proud of.

    I think it's best we keep a distance from now on.

    I apologise to the wider player base for ranting here because I could have easily defended myself privately, but if I was expected to not challenge the above falsities publicly, then I would have been deemed totally unreasonable in the public eye.

    Thanks for those who helped resolved the issue

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