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[Reminder] Automatic/Mob Farms

Discussion in 'Developer Ramblings' started by joshwenke, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. joshwenke Active Member

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    Here is a quick reminder and update about our policy on automatic farms. This post was initiated after a conversation with a Cobalt player who was upset that his or her automatic farm stopped working.

    At Cobalt, we do not forbid you from making automatic farms. There would be no way to make a rule that was accurately able to encompass every kind of mob farm there was and could be. Instead, we have a warning in our technical rules:
    As stated in the article, I would personally recommend against making any kind of big farm that is able to farm itself and generate lots of revenue in a small amount of time. You are more than welcome to try and be creative, but as soon as your farm starts making tons of money for you, you do run the risk of having your farm stop working. The server actively monitors the resources generated by these farms, and any one that can potentially affect the economy will be disabled.

    Automatic farming can be fun and challenging on vanilla survival, like on a Realms world with friends or in singleplayer by yourself. Once you have reached a plateau of things to do in vanilla survival, building an automatic farm is naturally a next step.

    However, Cobalt is not vanilla survival. We have a huge economy system, which vanilla does not have. Automatic farms give certain players a big advantage over others, resulting in huge economic gain for the few players who set up automatic farms, and much smaller gain for those pursuing starting a town, making a shop, building a hotel, auctioning off items, and all of the other great things about Cobalt survival. When we have this huge majority of ways to make money with relatively similar time-to-profit ratios, and then there's a big uncapped source of revenue that can generate much more money for less time, everything else you can do to make money becomes less profitable.

    In addition, nearly all automatic farms produce a huge amount of lag. Again, in singleplayer survival, this isn't a problem because the only person experiencing any lag is the person running the farm. In Cobalt, server resources have to be shared with everyone, and the lag that you cause from having 100 mobs in a single chunk, or having flowing water eating up tons of crops makes others suffer.

    If you want to look at our policy from a technical economics standpoint, then consider the fact that automatic farms are similar to inflation, which can be triggered when a government prints more money. Auto farms are, in a nutshell, the printing of money. It doesn't take much effort, and you can print in theory as much as you want. A small amount of inflation is good, and it's natural as our Survival server grows and expands. The hyperinflation caused by auto farms is bad for everyone, making their money and items worth less. Check out this article for more information if you're interested.

    For those of you with the argument that there's no quantitative data proving that auto farms can damage a Minecraft economy, just take a look at Cobalt's history. We used to have no rules regulating auto farms (quite a few years ago) with a similar economic setup (towns, auctions, /balance, and server shops). The results were frequent map wipes, having to manually go to each farm and WorldEdit away a few of them, and spending a few hours a month re-pricing items at higher and higher values.

    If there were a way to have a better way to control these machines and only allow ones that generated a certain amount of money/items per minute, I would. However, there's no way for that to be possible. It's all or nothing. Unless someone can have a really good argument why we should allow them besides "I want to" or "I have nothing else to do", there's not really anything I can do for you.

    Tl;dr: do not make auto farms. If you do, don't complain if they stop working.
  2. HighTierGamer Well-Known Member

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    To support Josh and what he said, a couple years ago ( im sure Josh remembers ) I became the richest person on Cobalt ( from around 100k to start ) to well over 50 MILLION how? well I descovered an automatic way to make money, it has since been patched but it was completly allowed, I ended up pretty much destroying the economy for a couple days and I accidently made the lag so bad that we would get kicked every time we logged on, I found out that I could use my mooshrooms ( I lived in a mooshroom biome ) and fill up empty bowls with stew instantly so i would /buy an inv of empty bowls fill em up automatically ( I have an amazing computer that lets me setup process like this ) and /selll the stew for an insane profit I would then afk and do that but in the end it wasnt worth it, yeah I was rich but it was no more fun on cobalt, by having an automatic farm like that or in other cases it makes it so you get so much money so quickly it isnt even fun anymore yeah you can buy kings house in 20 minutes or make a house almost as cool out of diamond blocks but with fly it essentially makes it creative and ruins the fun as I have experienced.
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