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Official Rule and Guideline Updates

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by itismejoey, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. itismejoey Experienced Member

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    It has come to our attention that some potential loopholes in our rules and guidelines that allow players to manipulate our server economy. We work hard to build a balanced economy so that every player can have a fun experience on the server. Because of these loopholes, the below rules/guidelines will be updated and or added.

    As of September, 14th at 12:00am (EDT) the following updated policies and rules/guidelines will be active:
    • AFK (away from keyboard):
      • Being AFK means that you will be unavailable for a short time, with the intentions of returning back to your keyboard in a timely manner. Our AFK system will track different events with your player to determine if you have been AFK for a long period of time. Depending on the events and the time period, you may be teleported to the spawn world of the realm you are on.
    • AFK Farming:
      • AFK Farming is the act of being AFK while standing next to any sort of farm (normal or mechanical). Being AFK while farming keeps the chunk of the world loaded causing crops to continue to grow. This is all happening while you aren't playing the game, which could be counted as an exploit to the game.
    • Alternate accounts
      • An alternate account is a Minecraft account that you use on the server in addition to your primary account. The use of an alternate account to help, aid or assist your or anyone else's primary is forbidden.
    I'd also like to touch upon clarifying the amount of authority a staff member has on the server, mainly Admin. The Admin team, made up of Josh, Liam and myself, all work on different parts of the server but are tasked with one thing: running the server and making decisions that impact the day-to-day operations of the server. There may come a time where an Admin has to make a decision about something (ie: a glitch, exploit, etc) that isn't documented in the rules or guidelines. They aren't making this decision because they are an Admin and can do whatever they want. They are making this decision to protect the server and make it fair for all players. The admin will then take it to the entire team, discuss the issue and then make a final decision.
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