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Server Release Dates [Updated]

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by joshwenke, Mar 27, 2013.

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    With the upcoming release of new Cobalt servers around the corner, I'd like to officialize the dates that we'll be launching the servers to prevent any confusion. This page will be updated when different stages are reached in development.

    Alpha stage: Plugins and maps are being created. No outside help is necessary at this stage.
    Beta stage: A few select beta-testers will be asked to join and find any bugs in the server.
    Pre-release stage: The server will be public, but only to the Cobalt community. More bugs will be found.
    Release: Items, balances, inventories, maps, etc. will be wiped, and the server will open officially.

    Torchlight - PvP server
    This server is our main goal. It will be completely run by me and I will hire some staff members to help moderate it at the beginning. The kickoff for this server will be huge, we'll have a grand opening and make sure the server is bug-free before launching. We're hoping to get this one out by summer.

    Alpha stage: Finished
    Beta stage: Saturday, April 27 - Finished
    Pre-release stage: Saturday, June 16 - In progress
    Release stage: Mid-July

    Tripwire - Prison server
    Once Torchlight has been launched into pre-release stage, we'll begin focusing on Tripwire, our prison server. We're hoping to get this one out halfway (or less) through summer.

    Alpha stage: Saturday, April 27 or sooner - Finished
    Beta stage: Server construction paused
    Pre-release stage: Next year
    Release stage: Next year

    Creative and Skyblock Servers
    As the name implies.

    Alpha stage: June 1 - In progress
    Beta stage: June 12
    Pre-release stage: No pre-release necessary
    Release stage: Mid-July

    Minigame Server - Team Fortress, Hunger Games, Spleef, Paintball server (name undecided)
    This server will be fairly small. It is still not known whether this will be a minigame server or just focus on Minecraft TF2.

    Alpha stage: June 12 - In progress
    Beta stage: June 23
    Pre-release stage: No pre-release necessary
    Release stage: Late-August

    MC-Tron - Partner Tron server
    This server is no longer being developed.
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