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Staff and Server Updates!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by joshwenke, Jul 13, 2016.

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  1. joshwenke Active Member

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    Hello Cobalt community!

    You may have realized that one of our lead Administrators stepped down recently: RyanAnnie. We are very sad to see her leave, but we're also excited about some of the future updates coming to the server.

    Cobalt has, for a long time, maintained very positive relationships with other servers and networks. One server that we worked closely with has recently shut down. We are excited to welcome their community to Cobalt. If you see any new players, make sure to say hi! Some of these players are developers and website designers, so we may be hiring some of them to help out around the server with our coding, website, and eventually train them to do some moderation if they show strength in those areas.

    I would also like to clear up some rumors regarding Ryan's demotion from the network. Following the staff survey and several major events in-game, we decided to ask her to leave her position as Administrator on Cobalt. She then began spreading rumors of a "staff overhaul" [Edit: major hiring of new unfamiliar staff members] that would occur. Whether you heard these rumors or not, I would like to emphasize that we are not going to be hiring random new Administrators, and that the server will be personally administered by both Joey, Liam, and myself for the time being. While Ryan did a lot in terms of moderation, us three will be able to handle the load without any issue.

    Should you have any concerns with the new update, I ask that you private message me directly on the forums or in-game.


    - Josh

    Update #1: I have edited the post to include Ryan's unedited response that she posted to the forums earlier today. My response to each section is in red.
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