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Team Speak 3 Help

Discussion in 'Help' started by Matrix__NEO, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Matrix__NEO Well-Known Member

    A month ago i installed team speak 3 client for my PC to talk with other friends on cobalt . I tried to connect it by typing the Cobalt's ip adress ( but it failed to connect then i tried but still an error pops his face out
    Can someone help me about this ? Thankyou
  2. leetfordays Experienced Member

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    We don't use Teamspeak. We use a program called discord, it's much better than teamspeak and has more features.
    Download Discord. Make an account, and then type /discord while you're in game - this command will give you a link to click on to join our discord server.
  3. Matrix__NEO Well-Known Member

  4. itismejoey Experienced Member

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