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Contest Winners Treehouse building WINNERS!!

Discussion in 'Contests' started by liamlfc123, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. liamlfc123 Experienced Member

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    There was some good entries to this one, I suggest you all get to creative and check out the entries! Look out for another building contest soon too, with Halloween just around the corner. Now onto the winners!

    Cobalt moderator Grisoustyle has made us this snazzy looking video to show off the winners of the 4 categories, but if for some reason you don't want to watch it, here they are anyway!
    Category 1 - Overall best treehouse - GALAXYKT
    Category 2 - The llama award for smallest but most functional - LUANDBK
    Category 3 - Best decorated - MAKORUS
    Category 4 - Totally crazy, unbelievable, amazing, huge, but still a treehouse - GALAXYKT

    Congratulations to those 3, who have all won $50,000 on survival or skyblock and 400 gems for each category won! GalaxyKT has also won the opportunity to have her treehouse moved into the survival realm! Every approved entry has also won 50 gems!

    To retrieve your prize just message liamlfc123 on the server, and I'll get them to you when I next log on! :) Thanks for participating, and see you all on the next one!
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